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University of Leeds

The University, established in 1904, is one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK. We are a world top 100 university and are renowned globally for the quality of our teaching and research.
The strength of our academic expertise combined with the breadth of disciplines we cover, provides a wealth of opportunities and has real impact on the world in cultural, economic and societal ways.

The University strives to achieve academic excellence within an ethical framework informed by our values of integrity, equality and inclusion, community and professionalism.

Every year more than 9,000 international students choose to study with us, making our campus one of the most diverse and multicultural in the UK. Enrol with us and you’ll join a community of outstanding academics. We’re among the top 100 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2020. We’re also part of the Worldwide Universities Network which comprises 16 research intensive institutions and addresses issues of global significance.

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A University of Leeds degree offers you much more than just academic excellence. Our size and diversity mean we can offer you a unique experience which combines our research-based curriculum with a range of opportunities to give you the knowledge, skills and experience to prepare for your future.

Academic experience

You'll learn from internationally renowned and inspirational academics at the forefront of their field. Our approach puts research at the heart of your studies, so you hear about new discoveries and breakthroughs as they are happening. As an undergraduate you have access to our impressive academic facilities and online resources, including one of the largest libraries in the country.

Studying at one of the UK's largest universities you will have access to world changing research. You will be taught by experts who will challenge you to explore, question and discover bringing up-to-date research into their teaching. We are located in the heart of a vibrant, affordable and student-friendly city.

Academic experience

At Leeds you will be part of a dynamic postgraduate community with access to inspirational teaching, informed by the latest research breakthroughs and discoveries.

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Departments of University of Leeds

Accounting and Finance(MSc)
Actuarial Finance(MSc)
Advanced Chemical Engineering(MSc)
Advanced Clinical Practice(MSc)
Advanced Computer Science(MSc)
Advanced Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)(MSc)
Advanced Computer Science (Cloud Computing)(MSc)
Advanced Computer Science (Data Analytics)(MSc)
Advanced Concrete Technology(MSc (Eng))
Advanced Concrete Technology(PGDip)
Advanced Mechanical Engineering(MSc (Eng))
Advertising and Design(MA)
Advertising and Marketing(MA)
Aerospace Engineering(MSc)
American Literature and Culture(MA)
Applied and Professional Ethics(MA)
Applied Psychology of Music(MA)
Applied Theatre and Intervention(MA)
Applied Translation Studies(MA)
Arabic/English Translation(MA)
Art Gallery and Museum Studies(MA)
Arts Management and Heritage Studies(MA)
Audiences, Engagement, Participation(MA)
Audiovisual Translation Studies(MA)
Automotive Engineering(MSc (Eng))
Banking and International Finance(MSc)
Biodiversity and Conservation(MRes)
Biodiversity and Conservation(MSc)
Biodiversity and Conservation with African Field Course(MRes)
Biodiversity and Conservation with African Field Course(MSc)
Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics(MA)
Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics(MA)
Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics(MRes)
Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics(MRes)
Biopharmaceutical Development(MSc)
Business Analytics and Decision Sciences(MSc)
Business and Public Service Interpreting and Translation Studies(MA)
Business Psychology(MSc)
Cancer Biology and Therapy(MSc)
Chemical Biology and Drug Design(MSc)
Chemical Process Engineering(MSc)
Childhood Studies(MA)
Climate and Atmospheric Science(MRes)
Climate Change and Environmental Policy(MSc)
Clinical Education(MEd)
Clinical Embryology(MSc)
Clinical Embryology and Assisted Reproduction Technology(MSc)
Cognitive Development and Disorders(MSc)
Communication and Media(MA)
Communications and Signal Processing(MSc (Eng))
Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies(MA)
Conflict, Development and Security(MA)
Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy(MSc)
Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations(MA)
Creative Writing and Critical Life(MA)
Criminal Justice and Criminal Law(LLM)
Criminal Justice and Criminology(MSc)
Critical and Applied Musicology(MA)
Critical and Cultural Theory(MA)
Critical and Experimental Composition(MMus)
Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship(MA)
Curating Science(MA)
Data Analytics and Human Resource Management(MSc)
Data Science and Analytics(MSc)
Deaf Education (Teacher of the Deaf Qualification)(MA)
Dental Materials(MSc)
Dental Public Health(MSc)
Diagnostic Imaging(MSc)
Digital Communications Networks(MSc (Eng))
Digital Education(MA)
Digital Education PT(PGCert)
Digital Education PT(PGDip)
Digital Information Management and Systems Innovation(MSc)
Disability Studies(MA)
Ecological Economics(MSc)
Economics and Finance(MSc)
Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems(MSc (Eng))
Electronic and Computer Music(MA)
Electronic and Electrical Engineering(MSc (Eng))
Embedded Systems Engineering(MSc (Eng))
Energy and Environment(MSc)
Engineering Geology(MSc)
Engineering Management(MSc)
Engineering Project Management(MSc (Eng))
Engineering Technology and Business Management(MSc (Eng))
English Literature(MA)
English Literature (Modern and Contemporary pathway)(MA)
English Literature (Renaissance pathway)(MA)
English Literature (Victorian pathway)(MA)
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship(MSc)
Environment and Development(MSc)
Environment and Development with Integrated International Fieldwork(MSc)
Environmental Engineering and Project Management(MSc (Eng))
Exploration Geophysics(MSc)
Fashion, Enterprise and Society(MA)
Film Studies(MA)
Film, Photography and Media(MA)
Finance and Investment(MSc)
Financial Mathematics(MSc)
Financial Risk Management(MSc)
Fine Art(MA)
Food Quality and Innovation(MSc)
Food Science(MSc)
Food Science (Food Biotechnology)(MSc)
Food Science and Nutrition(MSc)
Full Time MBA(MBA)
Gender Studies(MA)
Geographical Information Science(MSc)
Geographical Information Systems(MSc)
Geotechnical Engineering(MSc (Eng))
Global Development(MA)
Global Development and Africa(MA)
Global Development and Education(MA)
Global Development and Gender(MA)
Global Development and International Political Economy(MA)
Global Fashion Management(MA)
Global Governance and Diplomacy(MA)
Global Strategy and Innovation Management(MSc)
Global Supply Chain Management(MSc)
Health Data Analytics(MSc)
High-Performance Graphics and Games Engineering(MSc)
History of Health, Medicine and Society(MA)
History of Science, Technology and Medicine(MA)
Human Resource Management(MA)
Inequalities and Social Science(MSc)
Infection, Immunity and Human Disease(MSc)
Intellectual Property Law(LLM)
International Banking and Finance Law(LLM)
International Business(MSc)
International Business Law(LLM)
International Communication(MA)
International Construction Management and Engineering(MSc (Eng))
International Corporate Law(LLM)
International Education Leadership and Policy(MA)
International Health(MSc)
International Human Rights Law(LLM)
International Journalism(MA)
International Law and Global Governance(LLM)
International Marketing Management(MSc)
International Relations(MA)
International Relations and Politics of the Middle East(MA)
International Trade Law(LLM)
Law and Finance(MSc)
Law and Social Justice(LLM)
Leadership and Digital Education(MA)
Linguistics and English Language Teaching(MA)
Management Consulting(MSc)
Materials Science and Engineering(MSc)
Mechatronics and Robotics(MSc (Eng))
Media Industries(MA)
Medical Engineering(MSc)
Medical Imaging(MSc)
Medieval Studies(MA)
Modern History(MA)
Molecular Medicine(MSc)
Music and Management(MA)
Music and Wellbeing(MA)
New Media(MA)
Oral Surgery(MSc)
Organizational Psychology(MSc)
Paediatric Dentistry(MSc)
Petroleum Production Engineering(MSc)
Pharmacy Practice(MSc)
Philosophy of Religion and Ethics(MA)
Physician Associate Studies(MSc)
Plant Science and Biotechnology(MSc)
Political Communication(MA)
Political Science(MSc)
Polymers, Colorants and Fine Chemicals(MSc)
Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies(MA)
Precision Medicine: Genomics & Analytics(MSc)
Professional Language and Intercultural Studies(MA)
Promotional Media(MA)
Psychological Approaches to Health(MSc)
Psychotherapy and Counselling(MA)
Public Administration(MPA)
Public Health (International)(MPH)
Public Health (International)(MPH)
Race and Resistance(MA)
Railway Engineering with Project Management(MSc (Eng))
Religion, Politics and Society(MA)
Security, Terrorism and Insurgency(MA)
Senior Leadership(MSc)
Social and Cultural History(MA)
Social and Political Thought(MA)
Social and Public Policy(MA)
Social History of Art(MA)
Social Research(MA)
Social Work(MA)
Society, Culture and Media(MA)
Special Educational Needs(MA)
Statistics with Applications to Finance(MSc)
Structural Engineering(MSc (Eng))
Structural Geology with Geophysics(MSc)
Sustainability and Business(MSc)
Sustainability and Consultancy(MSc)
Sustainability in Transport(MSc)
Sustainable Cities(MSc)
Sustainable Food Systems(MSc)
Systemic Family Therapy(MSc)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(MA)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(MEd)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Teacher Education)(MA)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Information and Communications Technology(MA)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages for Young Learners(MA)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other LanguagesInfo(MA)
TESOL Studies(MA)
Textile Sustainability and Innovation(MSc)
Theology and Religious Studies(MA)
Transport Economics(MSc)
Transport Infrastructure: Design and Construction(MSc (Eng)
Transport Planning(MSc)
Transport Planning and Engineering(MSc (Eng)
Transport Planning and the Environment(MSc)
War and Strategy(MA)
Water, Sanitation and Health Engineering(MSc (Eng)
Writing for Performance and Publication(MA)
Accounting and Finance(BSc)3 Years -N420
Ancient History and English(BA)3 Years -V130
Ancient History and History(BA)3 Years -V110
Ancient History and Philosophy(BA)3 Years -V150
Arabic and Chinese(BA)5 Years -TT61
Arabic and Islamic Studies(BA)4 Years -TVP6
Arabic and Japanese(BA)5 Years -TT62
Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies(BA)4 Years -QT46
Arabic and Portuguese(BA)4 Years -RT56
Arabic and Russian A(BA)5 Years -RT76
Arabic and Russian B(BA)5 Years -RTR6
Art and Design(BA)3 Years -WW12
Arts and Humanities with Foundation Year(BA)4 Years -V901
Asia Pacific Studies(BA)3 Years -T300
Asia Pacific Studies and Chinese(BA)4 Years -TT13
Asia Pacific Studies and International Relations(BA)3 Years -TL32
Asia Pacific Studies and Japanese(BA)4 Years -TT23
Asia Pacific Studies and Politics(BA)3 Years -LT23
Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics(BA)1 Year-
Business Management(BA)3 Years -N200
Business Management and the Human Resource(BA)3 Years -8H67
Business Management with Marketing(BA)3 Years -N2N5
Child and Family Studies(BA)2 Years Part time-
Childhood Studies(BA)3 Years -LX93
Chinese (Modern)(BA)4 Years -T100
Chinese and East Asian Religions and Cultures(BA)4 Years -TV16
Chinese and Italian B(BA)5 Years -RTH1
Chinese and Japanese Studies(BA)5 Years -TT12
Chinese and Portuguese(BA)4 Years -RT51
Chinese and Russian A(BA)5 Years -RT71
Chinese and Russian B(BA)5 Years -RTR1
Chinese and Thai Studies(BA)5 Years -TL31
Classical Civilisation(BA)3 Years -8G42
Classical Civilisation and English(BA)3 Years -QQ83
Classical Civilisation and History(BA)3 Years -Q810
Classical Civilisation and Philosophy(BA)3 Years -Q805
Classical Literature and English(BA)3 Years -QQ38
Classical Literature and French(BA)4 Years -QR81
Classical Literature and Italian B(BA)4 Years -QR8H
Classical Literature and Philosophy(BA)3 Years -QV8M
Classical Literature and Russian B(BA)4 Years -QRV7
Communication and Media(BA)3 Years -P900
Criminal Justice and Criminology(BA)3 Years -MM29
Cultural and Media Studies(BA)3 Years -9K8J
Digital Media(BA)3 Years -P390
East Asian Religions and Cultures(BA)3 Years -T4T3
East Asian Religions and Cultures and Japanese(BA)4 Years -TV26
East Asian Religions and Cultures and Thai Studies(BA)4 Years -VT6H
Economics and Geography(BA)3 Years -LL17
Economics and History(BA)3 Years -VL11
Economics and Philosophy(BA)3 Years -VL51
Economics and Politics(BA)3 Years -LL12
Education(BA)3 Years -X300
English and Comparative Literature(BA)3 Years -Q200
English and Film Studies(BA)3 Years -6T3X
English and History(BA)3 Years -QV31
English and History of Art(BA)3 Years -QV33
English and Music(BA)3 Years -QW33
English and Philosophy(BA)3 Years -QV35
English and Social Policy(BA)3 Years -QL34
English and Sociology(BA)3 Years -QL33
English Language and Linguistics(BA)3 Years -Q3Q1
English Language and Literature(BA)3 Years -Q300
English Literature(BA)3 Years -Q306
English Literature and Theatre Studies(BA)3 Years-QW34
English Literature with Creative Writing(BA)3 Years -Q3W8
Environment and Business(BA)3 Years -FN8C
Fashion Design(BA)3 Years -W230
Fashion Marketing(BA)3 Years -W231
Fashion Technology(BA)3 Years -W245
Film, Photography and Media(BA)3 Years -W600
Fine Art(BA)3 Years -W150
Fine Art with Contemporary Cultural Theory(BA)3 Years -3E5Z
Fine Art with History of Art(BA)3 Years -5Y3M
French(BA)4 Years -R120
Geography(BA)3 Years -L700
Geography with Transport Studies(BA)3 Years -L7N9
German(BA)4 Years -R220
Graphic and Communication Design(BA)3 Years -W290
History(BA)3 Years-V100
History and History and Philosophy of Science(BA)3 Years -VV15
History and History of Art(BA)3 Years -VVC3
History and Philosophy(BA)3 Years -VVC5
History and Philosophy of Science and Politics(BA)3 Years -VL5F
History and Philosophy of Science and Theology and Religious Studies(BA)3 Years -VV56
History and Sociology(BA)3 Years -VL13
History of Art(BA)3 Years -V350
History of Art with Cultural Studies(BA)3 Years -2P8P
Human Resource Management(BA)3 Years -N611
Interdisciplinary Studies with Preparation for Higher Education(BA)Various – refer to course description-
International Development(BA)3 Years -L920
International History and Politics(BA)3 Years -VL22
International Relations(BA)3 Years -L254
Islamic Studies(BA)3 Years -V622
Italian B(BA)4 Years -R305
Italian B and Japanese(BA)5 Years -RTH2
Italian B and Portuguese(BA)5 Years -RRH5
Italian B and Russian A(BA)5 Years -RR3T
Japanese(BA)4 Years -T210
Japanese and Russian A(BA)5 Years -RT72
Japanese and Russian B(BA)5 Years -RTR2
Journalism(BA)3 Years -PJ59
Languages and Cultures(BA)4 Years -R1R1
Languages, Cultures and Business(BA)4 Years -N1R1
Languages, Cultures and Economics(BA)4 Years -L1R1
Languages, Cultures and English(BA)4 Years -Q3R1
Languages, Cultures and Film Studies(BA)4 Years -P3R1
Languages, Cultures and History(BA)4 Years -V1R1
Languages, Cultures and International Relations(BA)4 Years -L5R1
Languages, Cultures and Linguistics(BA)4 Years -Q1R1
Languages, Cultures and Philosophy(BA)4 Years -V5R1
Languages, Cultures and Politics(BA)4 Years -L2R1
Learning and Teaching(BA)2 Years Part time-
Learning and Teaching (Special Educational Needs and Disability)(BA)2 Years Part time-
Liberal Arts(BA)3 Years -Y000
Liberal Arts (International Language)(BA)4 Years -Y001
Linguistics and Philosophy(BA)3 Years -QV15
Linguistics and Phonetics(BA)3 Years -Q100
Middle Eastern Studies(BA)3 Years -T600
Middle Eastern Studies and Politics(BA)3 Years -TLQ2
Music(BA)3 Years -W300
Music with Enterprise(BA)3 Years -3P84
Philosophy(BA)3 Years -V500
Philosophy and History and Philosophy of Science(BA)3 Years -VVD5
Philosophy and Politics(BA)3 Years -LV25
Philosophy, Ethics and Religion(BA)3 Years -VV5P
Philosophy, Politics and Economics(BA)3 Years -1LV0
Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Thought(BA)3 Years -V551
Politics(BA)3 Years -L200
Politics and Social Policy(BA)3 Years -LL42
Politics and Sociology(BA)3 Years -LL32
Portuguese and Russian A(BA)4 Years -RR57
Portuguese and Russian B(BA)4 Years -RR5R
Professional Studies(BA)3 Years -L390
Religion, Politics and Society(BA)3 Years -V621
Social Policy(BA)3 Years -L430
Social Policy and Crime(BA)3 Years -LL43
Social Policy and Sociology(BA)3 Years -LL34
Social Policy with Enterprise(BA)3 Years -L432
Social Science(BA)4 Years -L301
Social Work(BA)3 Years -L500
Sociology(BA)3 Years -L300
Sociology and International Relations(BA)3 Years -LL3F
Spanish(BA)4 Years -R410
Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies(BA)4 Years -RR45
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)(BA)3 Years -X370
Textile Design(BA)3 Years -W232
Thai Studies(BA)4 Years -T311
Theatre and Performance(BA)3 Years -W440
Theatre and Performance with Enterprise(BA)3 Years -W441
Theology and Religious Studies(BA)3 Years -V616
Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies and Management(BEng)3 Years -H461
Music (Performance)(BMus)4 Years -1U67
Actuarial Mathematics(BSc)3 Years -NG31
Applied Health (Medical Education)(BSc)1 Year –
Banking and Finance(BSc)3 Years -N320
Biochemistry in Relation to Medicine(BSc)1 Year-
Biology and History and Philosophy of Science(BSc)3 Years -CV15
Business Economics(BSc)3 Years -L112
Business Management and Leadership(BSc)5 Years Part time-
Business Studies with Foundation Year(BSc)4 Years -BFY0
Cardiovascular Medicine(BSc)1 Year –
Cell Biology of Human Disease(BSc)1 Year-
Chartered Manager (Degree) Apprenticeship(BSc)4 Years Part time-
Chemistry(BSc)3 Years -F100
Chemistry and Mathematics(BSc)3 Years -FG11
Clinical Anatomy(BSc)1 Year –
Computer Science (Digital & Technology Solutions)(BSc)4 Years -G404
Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy(BSc)3 Years -A900
Diagnostic Radiography(BSc)36 Months -B821
Economics(BSc)3 Years -L100
Economics and Finance(BSc)3 Years -LN13
Economics and Mathematics(BSc)3 Years -GL11
Environmental Science(BSc)3 Years -F851
Financial Mathematics(BSc)3 Years -G1N3
Food Science(BSc)3 Years -D610
Food Science and Nutrition(BSc)3 Years -DB64
Geography(BSc)3 Years -F800
Geography and Geology(BSc)3 Years -FF68
Geography with Environmental Mathematics(BSc)3 Years -FG80
Geology(BSc)3 Years -F600
Geophysics(BSc)3 Years -F640
Healthcare Science (Audiology)(BSc)3 Years -B61A
Healthcare Science (Cardiac Physiology)(BSc)36 Months -B810
History and Philosophy of Science and Physics(BSc)3 Years -FV35
Human Physiology in Relation to Medicine(BSc)1 Year-
Intercalated Degree in International Health(BSc)1 Year –
Interdisciplinary Science with Foundation Year(BSc)4 Years -CFG0
International Business(BSc)3 Years -N120
International Business and Finance(BSc)3 Years -NN13
International Business and Marketing(BSc)3 Years -N1N5
Mathematics(BSc)3 Years -G100
Mathematics and Music(BSc)3 Years -GW13
Mathematics and Philosophy(BSc)3 Years -GVC5
Mathematics and Statistics(BSc)3 Years -GG13
Medical Microbiology(BSc)3 Years -C521
Medicinal Chemistry(BSc)3 Years -F150
Microbiology in Relation to Medicine(BSc)1 Year-
Midwifery(BSc)36 Months -B720
Music, Multimedia and Electronics(BSc)3 Years -WGH4
Neuroscience in Relation to Medicine(BSc)1 Year-
Nursing (Adult)(BSc)36 Months -B700
Nursing (Adult) (Apprenticeship Route)(BSc)48 Months Part time-
Nursing (Child)(BSc)36 Months -B730
Nursing (Mental Health)(BSc)36 Months -B760
Nutrition(BSc)3 Years -B400
Pharmacology in Relation to Medicine(BSc)1 Year-
Philosophy and Physics(BSc)3 Years -FVH5
Physics(BSc)3 Years -F300
Physics with Astrophysics(BSc)3 Years -F3F5
Psychology(BSc)3 Years -C800
Psychology (Intercalated Programme)(BSc)1 Year –
Psychology with Education(BSc)3 Years -C812
Sports Science in Relation to Medicine(BSc)1 Year –
Studies in Science with Foundation Year(BSc)4 Years -6H89
Sustainability and Environmental Management(BSc)3 Years -F7M0
Theoretical Physics(BSc)3 Years -F3K0
Zoology in Relation to Medicine and Veterinary Science(BSc)1 Year –
Natural Sciences(BSc, MNatSc)4 Years -BCF0
Child and Family Studies(FD)3 Years Part time-
Healthcare for Assistant Practitioners(FD)2 Years –
Learning and Teaching(FD)3 Years Part time-
Learning and Teaching (Special Educational Needs and Disability)(FD)3 Years Part time-
Nursing Associate (Apprenticeship)(FD)24 Months –
Law(LLB)3 Years -M100
Law(LLB)2 Years -M101
Law with European Legal Studies(LLB)4 Years -M103
Law with French Law(LLB)4 Years -MR11
Law with German Law(LLB)4 Years -MR12
Law with Hispanic Law(LLB)4 Years -MR13
Law with International Legal Studies(LLB)4 Years -M102
Music and Music Psychology(MArts, BA)4 Years -W355
Gateway Year to Medicine(MBChB)6 Years -A101
Medicine and Surgery(MBChB)5 Years -A100
Biochemistry(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -C709
Biological Sciences(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -C719
Biological Sciences (Biotechnology with Enterprise)(MBiol, BSc)4 Years-C911
Biology(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -C109
Ecology and Conservation Biology(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -C189
Genetics(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -C409
Human Physiology(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -B129
Medical Biochemistry(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -C749
Medical Sciences(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -B109
Microbiology(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -C509
Neuroscience(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -B149
Pharmacology(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -B219
Zoology(MBiol, BSc)4 Years -C309
Dental Surgery MChD/BChD, Oral Science BSc(MChD/BChD, BSc)5 Years -A200
Chemistry(MChem, BSc)4 Years -F103
Chemistry and Mathematics(MChem, BSc)4 Years -F1GC
Chemistry with a Year in Industry(MChem, BSc)4 Years -F105
Chemistry with Study Abroad(MChem, BSc)4 Years -F107
Medicinal Chemistry(MChem, BSc)4 Years -F153
Medicinal Chemistry with a Year in Industry(MChem, BSc)4 Years -F154
Medicinal Chemistry with Study Abroad(MChem, BSc)4 Years -F156
Product Design(MDes, BSc)4 Years -H790
Electronic Engineering(MEng)4 Years -H610
Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems(MEng)4 Years -H631
Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H410
Architectural Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -HK21
Architecture(MEng, BEng)4 Years -K1H2
Automotive Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H330
Chemical and Energy Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H801
Chemical and Materials Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -HJ85
Chemical and Nuclear Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H891
Chemical Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H800
Civil and Environmental Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H291
Civil and Structural Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H200
Civil Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H204
Civil Engineering with Project Management(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H2N2
Civil Engineering with Transport(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H202
Electronic and Communications Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H640
Electronic and Electrical Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H600
Electronics and Computer Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H6B8
Mechanical Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -H300
Mechatronics and Robotics(MEng, BEng)4 Years -HH36
Medical Engineering(MEng, BEng)4 Years -HHH6
Computer Science(MEng, BSc)4 Years -G402
Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence(MEng, BSc)4 Years -G702
Computer Science with High-Performance Graphics and Games Engineering(MEng, BSc)4 Years -I6K8
Environmental Science (International)(MEnv, BSc)4 Years -F856
Sustainability and Environmental Management (International)(MEnv, BSc)4 Years -F750
Geology (International)(MGeol, BSc)4 Years -F601
Geophysics (International)(MGeophys, BSc)4 Years -F641
Mathematics(MMath, BSc)4 Years -G101
Mathematics and Statistics(MMath, BSc)4 Years -GG1H
Physics(MPhys, BSc)4 Years -F302
Physics with Astrophysics(MPhys, BSc)4 Years -F3FM
Theoretical Physics(MPhys, BSc)4 Years -F340
Advanced Psychology(MPsyc, BSc)4 Years -6L97
Computer Science with Mathematics(MSci, BSc)4 Years -G4G2
Food Science(MSci, BSc)4 Years -D611
Food Science (Industrial)(MSci, Bsc)4 Years -D612
Food Science and Nutrition(MSci, BSc)4 Years -DB65
Food Science and Nutrition (Industrial)(MSci, Bsc)4 Years -DB66
Nutrition(MSci, BSc)4 Years -B401
Nutrition (Industrial)(MSci, Bsc)4 Years -B402
Sport and Exercise Sciences(MSci, Bsc)4 Years -C609
Sports Science and Physiology(MSci, Bsc)4 Years -BC19
International Foundation Year – Arts and Social Science Route1 Year
International Foundation Year – Business Route1 Year
International Foundation Year – Design Route1 Year
International Foundation Year – Engineering Route1 Year
International Foundation Year – Science and Healthcare Route1 Year

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